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Software Development Services

we can offer include

Business apps and API based solutions

Database driven web browser and API based software solutions for individuals and small business that can be deployed to your internal network or the cloud.

Mobile apps for field service workers

Reduce paperwork and increase efficiency using task orientated mobile apps. Capture task related data, images with annotations, barcodes, signatures, GPS locations etc. quickly and accurately even if off-line. When a connection is available the data and media captured cab be automatically uploaded and available to your back office systems.

Cloud integrations

Advice on feasibility of integrating your business processes using third party cloud based integration platform services (iPaaS) and APIs. E.g. invoicing & accounts, sales & marketing, order processing, social media. We can demonstrate with sample proof of concept.

About us

We are a software development company based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom creating bespoke line of business (LOB) solutions to improve the flow of data between business processes.

We can help you

  • Eliminate paper based forms, spreadsheets and data re-entry
  • Get rid of your overflowing inbox
  • Make your business processes more efficient
  • Integrate your processes with third party cloud based services

Core Technologies we use include

  • RAD (Rapid application development) tooling and code generators to help minimize development time and cost
  • Mobile forms and document cloud services
  • Popular open source third-party server-side and client-side frameworks, libraries and templates
  • .NET Core, C#, IIS (Internet Information Server), Microsoft SQL Server
  • Process modelling and screen design tools

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Software Development Process

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1 - Requirements gathering

We ask you for details of your goals and expectations. We might need to determine

  • business processes
  • users, location and connectivity
  • process activities, rules and triggers
  • user access permissions, authentication method
  • max number of users, simultaneous users
  • database format, location, capacity
  • data conversion, import and export
  • file and binary storage, location, capacity
  • internal and external endpoints and authentication. For example Zapier
  • regulatory compliance, data retention policy
  • reporting, auditing, alerting and error handling
  • service level agreements, system criticality, performance, scalability

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2 - Proposal & screen mockups

We generate an initial proposal document and screen designs (if applicable), identify any dependent services and ask you to review and signoff acceptance.

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3 - Development

We start to develop the solution giving you the opportunity to review progress and provide feedback at key stages.

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4 - Client acceptance tests

We give you the opportunity to test the solution within a sandbox environment using test data and provide feedback.

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5 - Deploy & launch

We assist you in setting up the deployed solution and dependent services so you can perform your final tests and on completion a go live data is agreed. We will help you setup your solution for live business use. Deployment options might be a combination of

  • setup cloud servicess
  • setup the solution on managed servers
  • deployment at your premises

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6 - Ongoing support & maintenance

We provide you with any documentation necessary for the use of the software in electronic format. Any bugs identified as critical within 3 months of the production go live date will be fixed as priority.

In the future if you have new ideas for improvement or the process needs to change please contact us for a quote.